Sample Home Inspection Reports


Sample: New Software

Here is a sample report using our new software.  This is the html sample.  The other samples on this page are all a PDF print, but the html is the default delivery method.  This was a completely re-modeled house near downtown Roseville.  Overall, the contractor did a pretty good job with this house.

  1. Look at the photo at the top.  In the lower left corner, you can select to view the full report, summary items or safety hazards.
  2. In the upper right corner, you can select the “Repair Request Builder.”  This is an html page that copies over all our observations.  Select the items you want included in your request for repair, edit our comments and specify the request as needed.  Both you and the agent can modify this page – just refresh (F5) to see each other’s changes.  It also tallies any requested credits at the bottom of the page.  For the agents, print this as a PDF and reference it (see attached Request for Repairs) in your state required form.  No more copying and pasting or creating a short list for the state form!
  3. The report breaks down the building’s components into logical, bite-sized segments and comments on all the relevant concerns.
  4. Arbitrarily added photos add more clarity to the verbal explanation of any given condition.

Despite our thorough and deliberate inspection process along with the attention to detail in the report, we understand that the written word, even together with photos, is still not enough sometimes to convey a finding. Therefore, we always encourage our clients to contact Nighthawk Home Inspections LLC if you have any further questions or concerns not yet addressed after you receive your report. Our goal is your 100% satisfaction.

We are also open to your comments and constructive critiques of our inspection process and reports since we feel this can only help us to improve our service to our clients (our #1 goal!). Thank you for your interest in Nighthawk Home Inspections LLC. We look forward to serving you soon!

Sample: Large home with Crawlspaces and Spas

Here is a typical sample report #2 .

This massive 7,000 square foot house was built in 1989 and designed to look like a castle. It had two hot tubs, two crawlspaces, a 4 car garage, two laundry locations, a garage bathroom, a game room, a dressing room (think after the hunt!), a wine cellar and massive closets that were the size of some bedrooms in other homes. There were some known leaks in the roof. They even had a pool, but it was in the crawlspace! Note on this report how there was some customization of the headings to be clear on the part of the house addressed in that section of the report.

Sample: Roseville Pool House with Garage Attic

Here is a typical sample report #3 .

A 2,400 square foot home on a concrete slab in Roseville. It also had a pool with pumps that ran hot. The floors in this house were gorgeous and they turned the single car garage into a weight room, complete with mirrors and a ceiling fan! They wisely left in a configuration to easily change it back to a garage. The second floor laundry had some seepage from the washer and the two car garage had an attic that was separate from the rest of the attic.

Sample: Roseville Pool House and Smart Vent

Here is a typical sample report #4 .

A 2,700 square foot home in Roseville, built in 2003. It also had a pool. The controls also had labeling for a smart vent. Some open the vents when it is advantageous (let the cold air in before a hot day to cool the house off) or a room by room zoning system. We also noticed a drain for the air conditioner condensate line on the exterior of the house. Unfortunately, it was clogged. The owner called us a few months after the inspection on this one. Apparently he remembered us telling him about it and what was going on, but did not remember the explanation and was not getting very far elsewhere.

Sample: Mold Report

Here is a typical sample mold report .

Our sample mold report shows both an air quality test and a mold sample. The first column of the air analysis was taken outside. The lab uses this for comparative purposes for the indoor samples. The second column is a normal indoor sample. The third column is an air sample that has some mold types or levels that are of concern. Notice the red text. The fourth column is a surface swab that has mold growth on it. Again, notice the red parts on that column which indicate the types of mold involved. The comments section at the bottom of the page provide a general overview of the results. The following several pages provide an alphabetical list of each mold type detected in the report. Each type of mold includes information on it’s habitat, allergy potential, disease potential and toxic potential.

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